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What does Continental Drift Expeditions provide?
We provide pretty much everything! We go out of our way to make sure you have what you need to have a memorable, care-free adventure. This includes: Kayak equipment, safety equipment, 3-person tents, sleeping pads, dry bags, water, meals, park permits and English/Spanish speaking guides.

What kind of equipment does Continental Drift Expeditions use?
Continental Drift Expeditions uses high quality equipment to meet the demand of our experienced explorers. All equipment checked for quality before each excursion.

KAYAK EQUIPMENT: We only use single sea touring kayaks, our fleet includes boats from Seda, Perception, Valley, and P&H. Our paddles are from the best in the industry: Werner. With safety as our number one priority, all PFDs (life jackets) are type III and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, we exculsively use Stohlquist jackets.

CAMPING GEAR: Explorers will enjoy the protection of sleeping inside REIŪ 3-person tents (for two people) and on comfortable ThermarestŪ sleeping pads.

What should I bring?
Sunscreen, any personal medications, a camera, wide brimmed hat, suitable clothing and footwear and a smile with an adventurous attitude.

What will I see?
While we can't guarantee what you will see, our intent is to show you the natural beauty of the region and its wildlife.

What level of fitness do I need to be in?
We go at your speed.
Single day trips require little to no experience. However, for multiple day trips you should be able to paddle for 3-6 hours and/or hike for 4-8 hours. For some of our trips, we may recommend certain skills such as surf experience or rolling. Let us know your activity level. If you've been training and are up to a challenge, then going on a long paddle makes sense. If you've been sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day and had hoped to get to the gym more than you did, then we will adjust the trip to accommodate your fitness level with shorter distances to paddle with less strenuous hikes. Please consult your physician with concerns about participating in any of our expeditions.

Do I need kayak experience?
No, not for single day excursions. For multiple day expeditions, we require some (even if it's minimal) kayaking experience.

Is there an age requirement?
For single day trips, participants must be at lease 9 years of age. For safety reasons, there is a minimum age of 16 required and participants must be at least 5 feet tall for multi-day excursions.

Can I bring my pet?
No, unfortunately, pets are seen as a tasty snack for some of the wildlife we encounter.

Is there a maximum group size?
Yes, currently the maximum group size is six (6). This group size helps ensure that we can give you personal attention, keep you safe, and also helps maximize wildlife encounters.

How safe is it?
While our trips vary in adventure level, all trips are out in raw nature. Wildlife, weather, and nature can be unpredictable and unexpected situations may arise. Continental Drift Expeditions follows strict safety procedures and guidelines to keep travelers safe. There is a very real danger when entering the wild. Travelers should be aware of the risks for the specific trip that he/she is entering.

Will I be asked to sign a waiver?
Yes. Like most services that include some sort of physical activity, all participants will be required to sign a liabilty waiver before any excursion.