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Costa Rica still has one of the highest deforestation rates in Central America. The clearing of land for cattle and palm fields increases to threaten endangered species such as jaguars and tapirs. Efforts are under way to help join protected areas of jungle to enable migratory species to travel. Just over 25% of the country's land is under some sort of protection.

We work to provide direct support to the local inhabitants in an attempt to help promote eco-tourism as sustainable means of income. In this way we hope to help reduce the need to clear forest for cattle, crops and various other reasons. We also make a direct impact to the areas we visit by removing trash (finding mostly plastics) from sensitive ecosystems, protecting endangered species.

Kayaking is the best way to observe nature without polluting or disturbing it. Up close and personal but not intrusive or noisy, we strive to introduce people to the raw natural world. In an effort to lessen the impact of our stay, we advise all explorers to be respectful of all plant and animal life encountered. Continental Drift Expeditions uses previously cleared land, mostly owned by locals and does not support the clearing of mangroves or trees for tourism alone.

Take only pictures (and newly found trash). Leave only footprints (and newly planted trees).

Tips on How to Help

  • Do not eat or purchase endangered or protected species.
  • Learn about the local customs and traditions by talking to locals. The person sitting next to you in the pub may give you some interesting insight on the changing world you are visiting. Showing interest can also help reinforce the self preservation of the local community.
  • Use recycling programs wherever available.
  • Do not feed wildlife as they may become dependent on it, or even worse, lead to the spread of disease.
  • When snorkeling, never touch or stand on the living organisms on the reefs.
  • Never touch or harass animals in the wild. Remember that this is not a petting zoo, animals can become aggressive if they feel threatened, or never return to that location.

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