COSTA RICA: GOLFO DULCE GUIDED TRIP: Kayak the biodiverse coast of the warm tropics. By sea, catch sight of spectacular humpback whales, sea turtles and dolphins. By land, wake up to the call of the howler monkeys with vibrantly colored scarlet macaws decorating the tree canopy.
COSTA RICA: RIO COTO COLORADO & PLAYA ZANCUDO TRIP: A bird enthusiasts dream, get close to nature by kayaking the tranquil river waters with pink Roseate Spoonbills, Blue Herons and Great Egrets in the mangroves and crocodiles on the river banks.
COSTA RICA: RIO SABALO & PLAYA ZANCUDO TRIP: Kayak through long calm snake-like river paths aligned with thick mangroves as Great Frigatebirds soar above, monkeys swing through the trees, and crocodiles sun bath on the sand banks ahead.
COSTA RICA: RIO SIERPE TRIP: If you're looking for a remote wonderland, then this is it. Miles away from structure, the Sierpe River is home to crocodiles, caimans, countless birds and an array of rare animals.
COSTA RICA: OSA PENINSULA / CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK GUIDED TRIP: Kayak open ocean and murky rivers then hike through primary rainforest. Prepare to be moved by the jungle's diverse and beautiful life.
PANAMA: GOLFO DE CHIRIQUI TRIP: Island hop off the beaten path. Kayak from beach to beach among a long string of protected islands in Panama.