Osa / Corcovado


Osa / Corcovado Guided Trip
Season Dates: December to April
Price: Starts at US$96 a day for meals, kayaking, and camping (see below for details)
Length of Tour: 3-7 Day Trips Available
Adventure/Activity Level: IIII
Accommodation Options Available:
Camping Rustic Cabin Hotel

For the truly adventurous, this is the largest expanse of primary rainforest north of the Darien Gap. The tour into Corcovado National Park includes a series of tough hikes through dense jungle, multiple river crossings and long exposed sections of black sand beach as well as kayaking through murky rivers and open ocean.

A place for experienced or truly determined individuals, Corcovado provides one of the few places you can still see scarlet macaws, massive harpy eagles, Baird's Tapirs, the elusive jaguar, four kinds of monkeys, bull sharks, crocodiles, boa constrictors and many other rare animals in the wild. Located in the southwest region of Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula, the park is equipped with four ranger stations. Three; San Pedrillo, Sirena and La Leona are located along the Pacific coast of the Osa Penninsula. The fourth: Los Patos, is located deep in the jungle through the toughest of the forest hiking. The hike between each location takes between 6-10 hours. At the heart of the park is the Sirena Biological Station where camping or rustic rooms are available upon early request and is the real gem of Corcovado National Park. (Hotel accommodations are very limited, only available near the La Leona park entrance and will limit tour choices.)

Teeming with life, the jungle will surround you. It will constantly remind you that this is a wild place and requires your utmost attention. Hike through, paddle the rugged coast and rivers, or do both. The beauty and intensity of this undisturbed slice of jungle paradise will leave a lasting impression.

Trip Includes:

  • All Kayak and Safety Equipment
  • All Camping Equipment
  • Park Permits
  • Breakfast (for each day)
  • Lunch (for each day)
  • Dinner (for each over-night) May vary with hotel accommodations.
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • English & Spanish Guides
  • Transportation to Launch Site (within 5 miles/3km)

Contact us with your level of adventure and we will customize a trip for you and your group.

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"Experience a sense of peace brought on by a worthy journey to a wild location. I understand much more clearly now after hiking through Corcovado the drive to be so close to nature. The beauty in your presence cannot be reproduced by film or photos. Everyone will come out of a journey through Corcovado changed in some way."