Golfo Dulce


Season Dates: December to April
Price: Starts at US$96 a day for meals, kayaking, and camping (see below for details)
Length of Tour: 2-5 Day Trips Available
Adventure/Activity Level: II to III
Accommodation Options Available:
Camping Rustic Cabin Hotel

An ocean kayakers dream, the Golfo Dulce is teaming with life and surrounded by miles of remote beach, located in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Humpback whales, sea turtles and the occasional whale shark are just a few of many creatures that visit these waters. A huge horseshoe shaped gulf, the beautiful and haunting Mogos Islands with their shell scattered shores sit near the apex. Paddle along amazing shoreline with the primary rainforest of the Piedras Blancas Park coming down steep cliffs to the shore. The jungle allows just enough room for a remote and spectacular beach front campsite.

The great roar of "El Congo" wakes the sun and gives the birds the confidence to share their own song, each adding to the morning orchestra that welcomes each new day at our camp. The waters of the Gulf are calm and glassy, inviting, calling us to another day of rare exploring. Paddling into the most remote corner of the gulf we find some wonderful reefs full of life allowing for some snorkeling or admiring from our boats.

Trip Includes:

  • All Kayak and Safety Equipment
  • All Camping Equipment
  • Breakfast (for each day)
  • Lunch (for each day)
  • Dinner (for each over-night) May vary with hotel accommodations.
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • English & Spanish Guides
  • Transportation to Launch Site (within 5 miles/3km)

See General Itinerary Examples

"You can spend hours floating over the reefs in the gulf watching the strange fish society. I seem to become part fish myself as I dive deep among the reefs structure chasing a large brightly colored Parrot fish. At the floor I admire a large eel poking out of his cave before grudgingly returning to the surface. Back on the beach we crack open some coconuts and enjoy the contents sitting in the palm shaded sand."