Golfo de Chirique


Golfo de Chiriqui Guided Trip
Season Dates: December to April
Price: Starts at US$96 a day for meals, kayaking, and camping (see below for details)
Length of Tour: 3-5 Day Trips Available
Adventure/Activity Level: II to IIII
Accommodation Options Available:
Camping Hotel

A remote, little visited marine park on the Northern Pacific side of Panama, just a few hours from the Costa Rican border, the Golfo De Chiriqiu contains a string of protected uninhabited Pacific islands. The paddling between some of the 25 Islands can be short and protected others can be long and exposed to open Pacific swells and winds. Many large and beautiful reef systems, 19 total, are tucked in amongst some of the islands. We paddle from one Island to the next camping on amazing beaches.

We might encounter any of the marine life frequenting these waters: whales, dolphin, turtles, colorful fish, and many more. It is possible to paddle from island to island camping on a different one each day. If you're looking for something off the beaten path, this is it!

Trip Includes:

  • All Kayak and Safety Equipment
  • All Camping Equipment
  • Breakfast (for each day)
  • Lunch (for each day)
  • Dinner (for each over-night) May vary with hotel accommodations.
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • English & Spanish Guides

Transportation arrangements are available for an additional fee.

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"Nature as it was intended. The islands sprinkle the deep blue coastline practically untouched by the influence of humans."