Take a Trip Tip #2: Mix and Match

By anita at June 07, 2010 05:58
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Pack light, with shirts and bottoms that are easily interchangeable. The best are pants that unzip into shorts. You won't get bored repeating clothes when the scenery is constantly changing!

Take a Trip Tip #9: Help Save the Planet with Every Paddle Out

By anita at May 24, 2010 06:15
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Have an itch to pick up trash on your paddle? We do!

A small mesh bag is perfect for carrying out trash that we may come across in the oceans, rivers, and lakes we love so much. Every little bit helps; help save the waterway, help save the planet!


By anita at March 16, 2010 11:32
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Continental Drift Expeditions is a single and multi-day adventure outfitter providing full service kayak and hiking expedition tours. We specialize in making memories. Moments of extreme value, when the only thing on your mind can be the here and now. We find, when faced with great beauty and great adventure, something so fierce it goes straight to the heart quieting the mind.

Continental Drift Expeditions hope you come away from one of our adventures with a sense of accomplishment—maybe more tired of body, but a mind cleared and eyes that have seen a beauty and a culture that few experience.